Rubdown Even simple washing of feet for the night cold water protects from chronic bronchitis, it is frequent voznika yushchy nasmorok and quinsies.

Rubdown is the easiest, the most gentle on influence on organism and the simplest on performance from all water procedures.

From it also it is necessary to begin a hardening.

It is recommended to accept rubdown in the morning, at once after vypol neniye of hygienic gymnastics.

Skin before reception of water procedure has to be warm, speed ratura of water °.

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In both cases

In both cases When pronouncing these sounds provisions for language are admissible: The tip of language is pressed to the basis of the top cutters or to to the top cutters, is closer to their basis.

The tip of language nestles on the lower cutters, and forward part language backs to the basis of the top cutters.

In both cases the back of language is raised and approached to a nb, as it happens when pronouncing a sound and fig.


Air stream has to aim precisely in a place of formation of a sound.

At the long pronouncing sound t', after tip or forward part of language are a little removed from the basis of the top cutters, the second sound the soft sound is heard with'.

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Each of us in the depth

Each of us in the depth With my son everything is all right.

Also the trust assumes belief that our child does all from the best motives even if externally sometimes the situation does not look.

Each of us in the depth of consciousness, the soul dreams to meet once the adherent who would manage not only to estimate our achievements and progress, and deeply to understand intention, ardent desire to serve, please, bring some Satisfaction, somehow to show love.

In this sense of the Veda say that the best personality, than the Supreme Personality Boga, for such relations difficult even it is almost impossible to find yd.

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All icicles

All icicles .

All flit, To wave with hands, as wings.

Sing, To represent two hands the opening beaks.

Nests warm twist.

To put palms in the form of a bowl.

ICICLES Drops loudly dripped alternately to hit on a table with forefingers both hands.

All icicles cried: To bring hands to the person, as when crying.

The sun shines brightly, To cross hands at the level of wrists.

To spread wide fingers as if it is sunshine fig.


To us, to icicles, hot!

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Answer: If after

Answer: If after Questions and answers Question: Tell, please, properly to behave if after a straight line and a quiet request the parent hears direct and quiet refusal to satisfy a request from the child.

Answer: If after a quiet request you hear quiet refusal, learn, in what business.

If in reply you hear again refusal, you can promise voznagrazhdekny or for that the child told, in what a problem, or for that he made that you ask.

And the last if any of these methods, you does not work there have to be a sentimental phase or sentikmentalny mood, as if dependences.

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